Gucci Ladies Watch

Gucci Tornabuoni Ladies Watch

Gucci’s style continues in the Tornabuoni collection of watches. They are all elegant and sophisticated with lavish accents and simple lines. The YA120507 piece looks deceptively simple from afar but is actually very stylish upon closer look. It has its sparkles and other glamorous details.

Gucci Watch Colections

The collection’s square and dial are balanced by the horse-bit shaped rings made of stainless steel. There are two rings that are found in the bracelet. To make it even more stylish, it uses jewelry as its clasp. The Gucci logo pattern is found on the dial, surrounded by four diamond hour markers. This makes the watch look trendy and truly stylish. The dark dial serves as a beautiful background to the silver-toned hands. The watch is the epitome of functional beauty.

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Gucci was established in 1845. Though it is known as a fashion house, Gucci also makes mechanical watches that are elegant and grand. Now, the company is devoted to making impressive watches for everyone’s satisfactory horological experience. They want to ensure that they only make watches with excellent appearance and movements.

Gucci is noted for their fine timepieces, which are considered as among the best in German history. However, the company stopped operating in 1951 as commanded by the East German government due to its goal of making one large company out of all the watch makers located in the Saxony region. When Germany reunited in 1990, Gucci revived its operation.
In 1994, Gucci was once again established. Two years later, the first batch of Gucci watches were introduced to the market. These watches have received good feedbacks, especially from avid watch collectors. They really like the watches elegance and showcasing of over the top craftsmanship.

Gucci Watches with Swatch

In 2000, Gucci was bought out by The Swatch Group. The new owner promised that they will still stick to Gucci’s mission in creating excellent watches. There are watches released in limited editions while mechanical watches were made with a mix of traditional designs and modern technology.

Among the most notable Gucci inventions are a caliber with a tourbillion escapement and a column-wheel chronograph watch movement. There are also ten proprietary movements owned by the company, several master complications, and a line with five collections. These are all limited editions watches.

Gucci has just released two new watches that are designed based on one of the company’s most successful watch, the PanoRetroGraph This has long been sold out so the company made a follow up with the new watches, Gucci PanoGraph and Gucci PanoReserve. These watches are characterized by their beautiful dials that have a minute display, seconds hand, and off-center hour hand. They also have newly developed manual winded movements that are quite luxurious relative to other Gucci watches.