Rolex Yacht-Master

Getting to Know the Rolex Yacht-Master

Synonymous to luxury, Rolex is a brand best known for its timeless elegance and quality. Each piece is made with such dedication that owning one of their timepieces is a dream for everyone who has ever had any interest in quality wristwatches.

Rolex Miyota Yacht Master

While every Rolex watch model is famous in their own right, others tend to stand out better among the general public. Such is the case for the Yacht-Master. Created to be the perfect piece for those who are fond of sailing the seas on their yachts, it is now deemed as a wonderful watch for all kinds of sports.

Rolex Yacht Master 1

Rolex's first ever timepiece was the Oyster. It was waterproof and dustproof, named as such to perfectly describe its hermetically sealed case. The Oyster made waves in 1927 when it was able to cross the English Channel on swimmer Mercedes Gleitze. The swim took 10 hours and the Oyster worked perfectly fine afterwards. This helped Rolex make a name for itself and establish its excellence in creating one-of-a-kind timepieces.

Rolex's Legacy in Creating Luxury Timepieces

Continuing what the Oyster has started, Rolex soon launched the Submariner - the first divers' wristwatch that is waterproof up to a depth of 100 meters or 330 feet. Designed with a rotating bezel that can let wearers read  their immersion time, the Submariner soon became one of the bestselling and most iconic Rolex watches in history.

A lot of people believe that the Yacht-Master is the modern version of the Submariner. A part of the Professional Oyster family, the Yacht-Master was the very first watch in the collection to be available in three sizes: 29, 35, and 40 mm. It also further solidified the ties between the brand and the sailing world as the new model paved the way for Rolex to become a major sponsor in many yachting events and competitions from then onwards.

The Rolex Yacht-Master

Launched in 1992, the Yacht-Master is a more modern and lighter take to the Submariner watch. As some watch fans put it, the Submariner is for the boat's skipper, while the Yacht-Master is for the fleet owner. This sports watch comes in three different sizes to better suit the needs of those who enjoy sailing the high seas. The Rolex Yacht-Master is not to be confused with the Yachtmaster Chronograph that was first prototyped in the 1960s, though, as there are no official information about the connection of the two models.

Celebrating the brand's ties with the sailing world, the Yacht-Master got its name from the certification sea sports enthusiasts aim for. A “yachtmaster” is someone who is certified to be competent at handling sail or motor boats in different conditions, making it a suitable moniker for a quality timepiece designed for the millionaire who likes to navigate the deep waters.

This luxury Rolex timepiece has the following features:

Other Luxury Timepieces Similar to the Rolex Yacht-Master

To better highlight the Yacht-Master's grandeur, let's compare it with other timepieces in the same league.

Bremont Oracle II

Bremont is a luxury timemaker based in England. The Oracle II is a part of the Oracle Team USA series, based on the brand's Supermarines diving line. Its face looks a lot like the Rolex Yacht-Master, with its simplicity and date function. However, since it is made for divers, it offers water resistance up to 500m, shock protection, and magnetic field protection. It also has a more casual appearance than the Yacht-Master, making it a rather laidback alternative to the Rolex classic.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M GMT GoodPlanet

Made as a tribute to the Good Planet foundation, this Omega Seamaster wristwatch is packed with a punch. Similar in appearance with the Rolex Yacht-Master, this Seamaster model's main coloring is blue - from its face to its bezel and alternative sporty rubber strap. It can also reach depths of up to 600 m.

Where to Find the Rolex Yacht-Master

If the Rolex Yacht-Master is still the runaway winner for you, the next information you might need is where you can get one. As with other Rolex timepieces, you can find them at authorized dealers in major cities around the world. You might also be able to find them at select retailers online.

Like other luxury brands, there are also lots of Yacht-Master clones available in the market today. With ample research and the right dealer, you can find high quality copies that you won't regret getting, especially if you're only after the elegant look of this gorgeous timepiece.